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Taking quality photographs

Taking quality photographs

Having spent hours creating works of beauty we naturally want to showcase our work at its best. For those of us who share our work on the net, images are our primary means of communication, and a poorly composed picture can reflect badly on the viewer’s impression of the professionalism of the woodturner.

Below are a number of topics that you should bear in mind …

If you can get access to Woodturners Magazine Issue No 258 October 2013 there is a comprehensive article on the subject by Kurt Hertzog.

There are also many tutorials and suggestions on-line to help improve the photos that you take. A good example, not involving any complicated equipment is a tutorial by Neal Addy

Alternatively, George has kindly offered to take pictures of member’s work that they would like displayed on the club website - bring your turnings along to one of George’s drop-in workshops, but it would be appreciated if you would warn him beforehand so that he can make the necessary preparations.