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This demonstration was memorable for 2 reasons …

Firstly, it was our first opportunity to show off the club’s new 50” TV and camera - everyone agreed that it was an enormous improvement over the previous camera, projector and screen setup.

Secondly, and even more importantly, Jason’s demonstration was without doubt a masterclass in the making of an off-centre box and lid in holly, using an offcentre spiralling chuck.

Every step of the process was clearly explained together with reasons why a particular tool or method was used, and the whole evening was sprinkled with amusing anecdotes. Whilst at the time I was able to see what was happening with the offcentre spiralling chuck, in the cold light of day I would be hard pressed to visualise what would happen were I to try it! As Jason said in effect, practice makes perfect, eventually you will win some, but also will have a few lidless and bottomless boxes along the way!

It was not possible to pick out just 1 top tip, there were so many, so here goes, with apologies to those more experienced members who already knew them!!

Top Tip 1 - when holding a box spindle ready for turning, use a ring centre as this doesn’t damage the fibres as much as a live revolving centre.

Top Tip 2 - when shaping the outside of the box use a bowl gouge at 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock, rather than a spindle roughing gouge, so that the shavings go the the right or left rather than covering the turner!

Top Tip 3 - keep any knots or blemishes to nearer the bottom of the box, well away from the lid.

Top Tip 4 - when parting off put a sheet of light coloured paper on the lathe bed to make it easier to see when nearly through.

Top Tip 5 - sand at no more than 700rpm to reduce heat buildup

Top Tip 6 - at the join of the lid and bottom, make a small cut on the top of the bottom so that if there were to be slight movement in the future the join between lid and bottom would not be as visible to the user by either sight or touch.

Top Tip 7 - be very wary of the lathe speed when using the offcentre spiralling chuck

David Langan