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March 2018 - Paul Hannaby

Paul last demonstrated at the club nearly 18mths ago and those who missed that demonstration, as well as those new members who have joined since then, will have enjoyed seeing Paul demonstrate his unique skill in the decoration of classic woodturnings with pewter.

Rather than reiterate here the techniques involved, interested club members can see the full report of Paul’s last visit by clicking here.

I have detailed below additional information and photos not in the original report as well as a description of an additional technique that Paul demonstrated at this meeting.

Details of the ‘Lee Production Pot IV’ melting pot from Henry Krank and the silicon moulding are in the original report - the Britannia Pewter was supplied by the Pewter Sheet Co in Birmingham.

Additional photos for the pewter rimmed bowl production …

An additional embellishment to, say, the lid of a box would be to insert a couple of pewter rings. Paul experimented with using plumbers solder in wire form by cutting a couple of slots into the wooden lid and then using a soldering iron melting the solder into the grooves. This proved a little tricky to keep a consistent temperature such that the solder settle firmly into the grooves.

It was suggested that if the width of the groove was made to the same dimension as the wire, the wire could be inserted ‘dry’ into the groove and then the soldering iron would more easily consistently melt the wire. Nevertheless, an interesting opportunity for all of us to try in our turnings without the outlay of melting pots and silicon moulds.

Thanks to Paul for another interesting evening.

David Langan